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Q: What is flexible led strip?

Flexible LED strip is usually supplied in 5M reels and basically consists of a copper circuit board and SMD (Service Mount Device) LEDs. This type of LED strip has a 3M (Branded) backing tape for ease of installation. Flexible LED strips can also be referred to as LED ribbon or LED tape.

Q: Variations of Flexible LED Tape

RGB LED Strip - Red, Green, Blue colour changing to achieve millions of vibrants colours. (UK DMX LED Tape Driver Modules is recommended)

Single Colour - Single colour LED tape is available in Warm White, Neutral White (Sometimes called pure or cool), Red, Green, Blue, Amber.

There are also two main power types with LED tape. These are SMD3528 & SMD5050. SMD3538 is of lower brightness than SMD5050. For projects where power is needed SMD5050 strip is perfect.
Q: What does the color rendering of led strip light mean?

Color rendering means that when the light is shot onto an object, the extent of presenting object's color. The higher the color rendering is, the better the light can present the object, and the color we see is more close to the natural color. International lighting committee CIE makes the color rendering index of the sun as Ra = 100. All kinds of color rendering index varies. Color rendering is also a very important link in the illume decoration design, which will directly influence the effect of all decoration items.
Q: The Reasons for The LED Light Strip's Failure to Shine

1. Check whether the power line's direction is disconnected,
2. Check whether the power line has steady connection, or has poor contact.
3. Check whether the power supply withch is normal, and if the voltage and power of the LED light strip is matching with the output voltage and power.
Q: Installation and Attention:

a, As most of the LED flexible light strips use low tension, remember to give a good match to the corresponding strip transformer during the installation, so as to avoid impact damage to the light strips;
b, When LED flexible light strip is being installed, try to avoid putting the LED light source and the resistance into the bend point of the strip in order to avoid the sealing off of the light source and resistance.  If not some some light source may not be lit.
c, During installation, tear double-sided adhesive on the back of the products and paste it to the proper point, or it may be not be bright enough.
d, When using, do not connect it more than 5 meters in length,or it will cause a low voltage and a low brightness.
Q: .Pay attention to these problems during installation.

A,  Do not damage the circuit board connecting wire during connection;
B, In a larger amout of light strips, please ensure that the light strips are in parallel connection with the power. If the series is too long, it will lead to unbalanced pressure drop. Thus causing different brightness between both endings of a single light strip.
C, The waterproof protection of the interfaces should be ensured after cutting.
D, If you want to install outdoors, make sure the body and the connection is completely waterproof. Also the outdoor installation should have reinforcement measure
Q: How to power LED strip?
It sounds like your LED strips are designed to be directly operated from DC (direct current) as from a battery. Without any further information, I can't tell you how many batteries to connect. I can tell you it will probably be between two and three batteries (connected in series) if all the LEDs are connected in parallel. If not, you may need to get a higher voltage by hooking up more batteries.

The black wire goes to the battery's negative terminal (-), and the red wire to the battery's positive (+). Don't get them mixed up. The LEDs won't like it.

Also, once the LEDs light, don't try to get them brighter by adding more batteries. You'll just burn them out.
Q: What is the width of LED Strip lighting?
Standard is 10mm, but there is tapelight at 8mm and 5mm.
You can get custom made even smaller.
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