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  5050 30/60/90/120cm [Return]
5050 30/60/90/120cm
  5050 30/60/90/120cm

Available length: 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm

LED Quantity: 12leds/30cm, 15leds/30cm

1.LED type: SMD5050,DC12V


3.LED quantity: 15LEDs/30cm, 30LEDs/30cm

4.Power consumption: 3.75W/30cm

5.Cuttable every 3 LEDs

6.Outdoor use,IP68

7.Choice PCB color: Black,White,Copper(Default:Copper)

8.Operating temperature:-20+80 degree

9.Storage temperature:-20+80 degree

10.Packing: 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM/PC


1) Available in 12V or 24V

2) Maintenance free, easy to install with 3M sticky back tape on the back.

3) Super-bright, low power consumption of LED

4) Linear separable LED strip on the flexible FPC with self-adhesive back

5) Energy Saving, Long lifespan of SMD LED (>50,000hours)

6) Each unit of 3 LEDs can be cut out at regular segments without damaging the rest ribbon.

7) Various models which are suitable for different indoor or outdoor

8) With automatically packaging ,we not only guarantee the quality, reduce intermediate links in circulation and the cost,but also make the package satisfactory and the quality stable. Therefore, our product has the characteristic of cost-effective


1) Building decoration

2) Car decoration

3) Amusement park and theater lighting

4) Emergency hallway lighting

5) Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement lighting and decoration  




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